Get Out Of Debt Fast!

Be Debt Free America is a powerful debt elimination tool to help you get out of debt fast. Very fast! Enter your debts and our software will create a customized debt elimination plan for you, reducing your payoff time by up to 60%! Simply follow the plan until you are completely debt free. Fun. Simple. Easy. Oh, and did we mention it's free*?

You can feel free by paying off your debt
  Create a debt payoff report. You'll always know what to pay on each debt every month.
  Enter an unlimited number of debts**.
  Automatically order your debts into the best payoff order, or adjust the order manually.
  No need to pay an extra nickel compared to what you pay today.
  View a summary comparison of how much money and time you will save by accelerating your debt payoff. See when you can be debt free.
  Accelerate your payoff even faster by entering an ongoing extra monthly payment; change it at any point during your payoff, as many times as you like**.
  Make as many one-time extra payments as you like**.
  Change the monthly interest rate on any debt during any point in your payoff plan**.
  Enter "what if" scenarios to see what the bottom line will be for different financial decisions.
  Includes many financial calculators for you to use.

With Our Software, You Can Be Debt Free Too!

Our debt elimination system helps our members get out of debt fast by shorting most of their payoff plans to anywhere from 8-12 years, including the mortgage. All that while usually reducing their interest charges by at least $100,000. Why pay a professional anywhere from $2,000 to -$8,000?

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* Our basic plan is free. We also have a paid premium plan.
** Premium plan only.